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Route Optimization Customer Management

VenteServices is a route optimization software and customer management designed in parallel with Ferti-Sol Plus
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uSoft Solutions
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30 May 2015

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Provides route optimization involving large number of stops/contact points.

This tool maximizes the opportunities for management of business sales services by optimizing routes. This could be required for contacting/selling to customers. When a large number of customers are involved, this could be a major problem that needs effective solutions. The program is compatible with Windows 8. It uses MySQL database. There is a Mac version available too. The system generates and reads barcodes like QR-Code. This program works with Acomba (accounts package from the same co.) and allows import of ledgers accounts, synchronization of customers, employees, vendors and products, and export. It is possible to integrate it with other useful modules. The software includes several modules that work together to make the functions available to the users. These include a customer module, management of customers and contacts, management of customer properties, address validation, etc. The tool is able to automatically take care of duplicate entries.

It is possible to search customers’ neighbors by street, city, postal code and proximity on the map. This tool will allow you to maintain customer calls history and the follow up actions taken. Mass mailing and direct mail advertising can be managed easily through this tool. You are able to do a quick assessment of service cost. Contacts, invoices and payments are easily accessed. Customers’ statement of account, payment processing, in general are integrated. Route optimization, invoice management, contact management, services plans, payment installment management is also featured. Bank transactions in terms of payments, deposits and refunds, etc. are managed by the tool.

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uSoft Solutions is a custom software developing company since 2006 with great experience and knowledge in the field of computer science and in business. we guarantee no cost overruns, which would not be the case with an internal team or other companies. Tell us your needs and we take care of everything without worries.

The software VenteServices has been designed in conjunction with the company Ferti-Sol Plus which has over 50 years of experience in the field of green spaces and extermination. The purpose of this system is to maximize the opportunities in computer science for the management of business sales services that require route optimization and high volume customers management.
VenteServices integrates perfectly with Acomba by allowing the importation of ledgers accounts, synchronization of customers, employees, vendors and products, and exportation of invoices, payments, deposits, checks and adjustments. It would also be possible to integrate the system with Advantage.
Route Optimization Customer Management
Route Optimization Customer Management
Version 1.0
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